> VARIETIES At our winery, we carefully select varieties that we introduce in our wines. In the one hand, using native varieties which best suit our terrain and weather conditions and, on the other, international varieties containing qualities we look for in our wines.
Native variety of the Valencia region, especially in the area of Utiel-Requena. It is a late mature variety. It gives the wine an intense dark cherry color with violet garnet in his youth. In nose, it gives fruity aromas of black fruits. In taste, powerful tannins and high acidity appear. Low alcohol content.

Also known as "Tinta del país", "Tinta fina", "Cencibel" and "Ull de Llebre". It has an aromatic and fruity character, with a great potential for aging in wood. Delicate and sweet tannins that will soften even more in oak.

Native from Palestine, but has found its terroir in the northern Rhone and Australia. It is perfectly acclimated to Mediterranean conditions. Medium-cycle variety. In tasting it contains fruit and complex aromas of violets, intense cherry, licorice, olives and spices as bouquet flavorings. Its versatility, strength and fine tannins are increasingly valued by consumers.

Bordeaux variety, but appreciated all over the world. As a late maturing variety, fits very well in hot climates. Aromas of green pepper (pyrazines) may appear if it is early harvest. Typical variety aromas of cedar, cassins and licorice. Chocolate an snuff as aromas of bouquet. Great potential for aging in wood.

It comes from Cahors (France) near the Lot river, where it is known as Cô t. Its cultivation spread to Argentina, Mendoza specifically where first American Controlled Denomination of Origin, Malbec Lujan de Cuyo, was created. It has a conical cluster medium. The berries are medium and orbicular leaves with petiole sinus in V slightly pink. Fallen strain bearing and medium-high production. Cycle and medium ripening. Wines of great extract and great potential for aging.

White variety par excellence. Of Hebrew origin and subsequently grown in Burgundy (France). The grape is small, round and acquires a golden hue on maturation. The result of their maturation produces a smooth and aromatic must. When it is fermented or aged in acquired qualities of flavor and aroma that distinguish it and make it very appreciated.

White variety native to the region of Valencia, more specifically, the Alto Turia. Also called Canyavella or Verdosilla. Prostrate strain, medium size bunches and grapes. In high regions its wine is pale and aromatic with moderate alcohol content. It has a remarkable acidity and freshness. Ideal for young wines.

White variety from France, which finds its highest expression in the Loire Valley and the region of Graves. It is well adapted to cool climates: New Zealand, Chile, Austria and South Africa. Bunches and berries of medium size. Its wines are fine and present extraordinary aromatic complexity. In cool climates and calcareous soil are floral and fruity in warm regions. Very versatile in its enological possibilities. Allows barrel aging or over ripering.

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