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Vintage: 2014

Varieties: Syrah

Picking dates: september 3rd

Bottling date: April 2015

Analytical data: Alcohol = 14,8%
Total acidity = 5,8 g/L (tartaric acid)
Volatile acidity = 0,35 g/L
Residual sugars = 0,4 g/L
Malic acid < 0,05 g/L
pH = 3,52

Technical notes: Barreling gravity. Maceration: 3 days cold pre-maceration. Total maceration: 19 days. Fermentation time: 15 days. Fermentation temperature: 18-22 ° C. Carbon Footprint: 2.2 kg CO2 / bot.

Tasting Notes: Very vivid color lipstick covered with purple trim denoting his youth. Intense and expressive nose of red fruits and cassis. Violet notes. Good presence on the palate with great balance. A sweet end of ripe red fruit.

  Service: Serve between 13 and 15ºC
Aging Potential = 5 years

Vineyard: The grapes come from the sub-region Clariano more specifically from the municipality of Castelló de Rugat belonging to the DOP Valencia. The fields are sandy with limestone outcrops. They are 7 years young vineyard trellis oriented NE-SW. Low yields were obtained at 2014 (6500 kg / ha approx).

Weather: 2014 was a very dry year. There was hardly any spring precipitation. This caused a great advance of the growing season. The summer was warm and with high temperatures, the highest for the 1970 - 2010 september series. Some small storms refreshed the atmosphere in the days before harvest. A year in which the vineyard got a high concentration of photochemicals, sugars and aromas. The vintage 3 was weeks (3 September) progressed. The rain was 85L until the harvest date in the La Portera. Vintage was three weeks early (3 September). The rain was 85L until the harvest date in La Portera.
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