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Vintage: 2013

Varieties: Chardonnay

Picking dates: September 7

Bottling date: December 2013

Analytical data: Alcohol = 13,8%
Total acidity = 5,2 g/L (tartaric acid)
Residual sugars = 2,5 g/L
Free sulfur = 30 mg/L
Glycerin = 5,6 g/L

Technical notes: Mar de So was hand harvested early in the morning. It has taken special care to keep whole grains and avoid oxidation and to maintain the grape fresh to their tanks. Chardonnay was macerated for 2 days before being pressed. The pressing is lightweight and was naturally decanted using cold. After the racking, the must is fermented in steel tanks with rigorous control of temperature that will not exceed 18 º C during the 30 days of fermentation. The wine is settled, and the lees were removed every week for one month. 50% of the wine remained for one month in french oak barrel. Clarified with isinglass.

Tasting Notes: Beautiful golden yellow hue. Intense aromas and fruit (citrus and apricot jam) over a background of fine vanilla and hazelnuts. Velvet and long palate with a fresh finish and hints of fruit aftertaste.

  Service: Serve between 10 and 13ºC
Aging Potential = 2 - 3 years

Vineyard: The Chardonnay plot comes from Castelló de Rugat (Clariano subzone D.O. Valencia area). The vines are ten years old and planted in lime rainfed soil.

Weather: 2013 has been a difficult year for viticulture. We started with a weird cold winter which caused a late start in vine cycle. We had several rain episodes during spring which impede easy landwork. We had some hail storms in the surroundings of La Vall d'Albaida and Utiel-Requena. Fortunately, our plots were saved. Start of summer was chill and we had a delay of three weeks in every variety. Skin rapening in early varieties was difficult to obtain, so we made bunch green-prunning for best quality. Fortunately, september and october were hot and dry, therefore, we made a patient harvest at the best ripening moment. Rain until harvest in Castelló de Rugat was 250 mm.
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