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Vintage: 2012

Varieties: Merseguera (70%), Sauvignon Blanc (30%)

Picking dates: Merseguera: September 12; Sauvignon Blanc: September 3

Bottling date: December 2012

Analytical data: Alcohol = 12,0%
Total acidity = 5 g/L (tartaric)
Residual sugars = 4 g/L
Free sulfur = 25 mg/L

Technical notes: Mar de So was hand harvested early in the morning. It has taken special care to keep whole grains and avoid oxidation and to maintain the grape fresh to their tanks. Both varieties were separately macerated for 2 days before being pressed. The pressing is lightweight and was naturally decanted using cold. After the racking, the must is fermented in steel tanks with rigorous control of temperature that will not exceed 17 º C during the 17 days of fermentation. The wine is settled, with a slight residual sugar content.

Tasting Notes: Light yellow hue. Fresh and intense nose ensembles pommel citrics with passion fruit and apricot. Results fleshy and long in mouth with a white flower nectar reminder.

  Service: Serve between 8 and 11ºC
Aging Potential = 2 years

Vineyard: The grapes come from vineyards Merseguera located in Titaguas (Alto Turia), located 900 meters above sea level. Limestone terrain. Sauvignon Blanc plots come from Vall dels Alforins, clay soil.

Weather: Vintage 2012 has been a year of low production and good concentration in DO Valencia. A dry winter and a cold February caused a slow cycle entry. We had warm temperatures in Spring with timely rainfall in late March. An extremely dry May led to a good flowering and fruit set of vines. We had a hot summer (June-August), with episodes of extreme heat in June (June 10th and 21st and August 16th). Extremely dry summer without rains. These conditions reduced the production, giving good concentration in grapes. We had an advanced in maturation, especially in the early varieties, such as Sauvignon Blanc, which can suffer problems in poliphenolic ripening.
In late September temperatures fall, recovering in the 2nd week of October. Torrential rains in late September, and a dry October. Gradual picking for early and middle cycle varieties (Merseguera). The late cycle varieties suffer a small delay due to the rains and the fall of sunstroke, balancing the maturities. No presence of botrytis. We had 80mm of rain in Fontanars till picking date.
wine mar de so blanc
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