> HYSTORY In 1966, Pascual Martin began producing wines high in the zone of Alto Mijares, Castellón. They were signature wines, produced according to ancient traditions of the area of "Los Calpes". As a result, "Viña Umbria", "Castillo de Pradas" and "Castillo de la Viñaza" were bottled, three wines which left a deep impression on all who tasted them.

In 2007, three of his grandchildren, take up his dream and his project, producing “high altitude wines” under the “Denominación de Origen Valencia”. To give shape to this project, we share the oenological knowledge of Alejandro Martin Benlloch, David Mocholí Martin commercial vision and Jorge Mocholí Martín financial experience, but above all, the passion that all three show towards wine culture and quality wines.

Respect for the environment, traditions and the work well done, makes our wines unique products of proven quality.

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