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Vintage: 2010

Varieties: Bobal (50%), Cabernet Sauvignon (25%), Tempranillo (25%)

Picking dates: Tempranillo: September 8th; Cabernet Sauvignon: October 3th; Bobal: October 12th

Bottling date: May 2014

Analytical data: Alcohol = 13.9%
Total acidity = 6.1 g/L (tartaric acid)
Glycerin = 11.2 g/L
Residual sugars = 2.3 g/L
Color intensity = 12 UA
IPT = 54 UA

Technical notes: Cota 830 has been harvested by hand only when the optimal sugar and phenolic maturity overlap. After a rigorous selection of grapes, these are fermented with endogenous yeast, guaranteeing its singularity. The malolactic fermentation takes place in new oak barrels from Allier and Tronçais forest where they complete maturation on lees after several "batonage." After 18 months in barrel and bottle aging this fine wine arises with its unique bouquet.

Tasting Notes: Dense layer red cherry colour wine. Hight viscosity produce intense wine tears. Intense nose of ripe red fruit. Notes of mediterranean forest aromatic undergrowth (thyme and rosemary) appear after slight stir. Clove and toffe background. At first taste it is round and warm. Creamy and long-distance in palate. Sweet tannins joined with lactic acidity. Longtime flavourful mineral aftertaste.

  Service: Serve between 16 and 18ºC
Aging Potential = 4 - 7 years

Vineyard: Our Bobal and Tempranillo grapes come from vineyards in the hamlet of La Vallesa in Siete Aguas, located at 830 meters above sea level. These are old vines (50 years) of low yield. A clay soil with some limestone outcrops highlights. Vast horizons of high porosity appear, low in organic matter.

Weather: 2010 was a very good year for early red varieties (Tempranillo), with a fresh start of spring cycle, heavy rainfall in summer and gradually heated until late August with temperatures above 35 º C. Rainfall respected our vintage and began September 17. In Siete Aguas rain was low in March and April, and there were heavy rains in May. 180 mm were recorded up to the date of harvest. In Vall dels Alforins we had a pretty dry year but with showers scattered in the time that maintained the land in a good spot (rainfall amounted to 165 mm for the harvest date). There were slight fungal problems in some early red variety.

Awards: International Competition Golden Bacchus Wine Bacchus 2013.
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